5th International Workshop on

Harnessing Theories for Tool Support in Software

13. September 2011, Oslo, Norway

Co-located with FACS 2011

TTSS'11 Accepted Papers

  • Abinoam P. Marques Jr., Anders Ravn, Jiri Srba and Saleem Vighio:
    Tool Supported Analysis of Web Services Protocols
  • Giuseppe Maggiore, Michele Bugliesi and Renzo Orsini:
    Monadic Scripting in F# for Computer Games
  • Alessandro Rossini, Adrian Rutle, Khalid Mughal, Yngve Lamo and Uwe Wolter:
    A Formal Approach to Data Validation Constraints in MDE
  • Luis Barbosa, Pedro Henriques and Alejandro Sanchez:
    Towards rigorous analysis of Open Source Software
  • Young-Joo Moon, Farhad Arbab, Alexandra Silva, Chretien Verhoef and Andries Stam:
    Stochastic Reo: a Case Study
  • Antoine Beugnard and Ali Hassan:
    A Calculus for a New Component Model in Highly Distributed Environments

Session on Overcoming Challenges for Security and Dependability

  • Michaela Huhn and Sara Bessling:
    Towards Certifiable Software for Medical Devices: The Pacemaker Case Study Revisited
  • John Mullins and Alain-Freddy Kiraga:
    Admissible adversaries in PRISM for probabilistic security analysis

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